I purchased your new 12 oz Farmhouse jars today and love them!  They burn so clean and a very long time.   Love the new Amaretto!   I also use your warmer tarts at my work and everyone loves them!   

From:   Crawford, Texas


I love your candles!  I have bought almost all your scents and burn them all the time.   Blessings is a  favorite along with Dusty Mexican Morning.  

From:  Robinson, Texas


Visited the Craft Gallery and walking in smelled the best candle I have ever smelled.  The lady at the counter said it was their exclusive one "Blessings"  from the Craft Gallery....I bought 3 candles and tarts.  Now my friends are wanting some.  Very strong and wonderful scent.

From:  Lubbock, Texas


I bought your Texas Iced Tea and can't believe how good this smells.  My husband loves it!  We live in Hewitt and are telling our friends about your candles and how strong they are.

From:  Hewitt, Texas


I work at Providence Hospital here in Waco.  I heard about your candles from my co-workers so we headed to the Craft Gallery.  I purchased your Texas Iced Tea,  Dusty Mexican Morning and Sweet Orange Chili Pepper.  They smell great!  

From:  Waco, Texas


I purchased your Amish Quilt today and wow!.....was surprised on how strong and great this cinnamon candle smelled.

From:  China Spring, Texas


I gave your candles as gifts LAST year for Christmas and this year my family asked if I would consider giving them again this year!  They love them as much as I do!  Thank you for making such a great product.

From: Nolanville, Texas


These candles are so strong. The Monkey Farts and Creme Brulee are great.

From: North Carolina


My family loves these candles. Dusty Mexican Morning...what a great scent!

From: Oklahoma


My candle and topper came today and I just love them! I've been burning the candle tonight and it smells wonderful. Thanks so much! 

From: Atlanta, Georgia


I bought one of your candles at Splurge in Victoria but I heard they closed shop. I love my candle, Pomegranate Pear! Guess I'll be ordering online now. Love your website. 

From: Victoria, Texas


Thank you for sending my candles so quickly. I absolutely love the Leather scent. My husband really likes this one too. I will be ordering more soon.

From: Meridian, Texas


I love your candles! My mom and I burn them all the time and they make our homes smell wonderful! You are better than the name brand candles. Love the Leather, Texas Iced Tea and Creme Brulee!

From: Woodway,  Texas


I bought some of your candles through a fundraiser. I was very impressed with the smell and also how long they lasted. Glad you are at the Craft Gallery.

From: Woodway, Texas


Received one of your candles as a gift and just wanted to let you know I am really enjoying it. The smell quickly fills my house. I will be purchasing more.

From: Denver, Colorado


Thank you for the order you sent me. The shipping was quick, the candle is great and I will be back to place more orders! 

From: Saratoga Springs, New York


I bought several candles at Christmas for gifts. Everyone loved the candles! Very pleased with the scents and how long they burn. I just thought I would let you know you make a quality candle.

From: Waco, Texas


I have bought your candles for years in Canada and they are most wonderful.  They truly warm my home with their strong fragrance and my friends have purchased them also.  Please continue to stock the stores here as we look forward to our monthly trip to the candle store.

From:  Saskatchewan, Canada